Meet Dr. Don Murdock

As a little kid, I dreamed about either being a dentist or a rockstar. Every day I'm thankful that I chose to be an orthodontist. 

I look forward to coming to our office each morning to see the progress our patients are making with their new smiles and to catch up on what’s happened in their lives since their last visit.

My patients are some of the most interesting people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and spend time with. They each bring new ideas and energy, dreams and experiences, to our office, and what they share enriches all of us.

As an orthodontist, I am glad to have the opportunity to have a positive, lasting impact on people’s lives. In turn, I appreciate having the opportunity to watch each person grow while also gaining self-esteem and confidence throughout their treatment!

Education and Experience

I grew up in Cincinnati and, when I was 14 years old, knew that I wanted to work in the oral healthcare field.

I attended LaSalle High School and earned the first LaSalle Alumni scholarship. The President of the Alumni Association, who awarded it, was a young dentist. I observed in his office, went to a Reds baseball game, and later that year began an orthodontic journey with another young doctor who also became a mentor. I was always interested in science and mechanically inclined, so orthodontics seemed like a natural fit – especially since it also offered opportunities to spend time with and get to know my patients.

Prior to practicing orthodontics, I completed my Bachelor of Science in Pre-Dentistry at the University of Dayton. Next up was my Doctorate of Dental Medicine (DMD) at the University of Kentucky, where I graduated in 1989. I then attended the University of Tennessee for my orthodontic residency, receiving my Master of Science (MS) in Orthodontics in 1991.

After 30 years of practicing, I feel I am very blessed to enjoy what I do on a daily basis!

Areas of Special Interest

Professionally, I’m passionate about expanding the spectrum of cases which can be treated by removable aligners. By selective use of skeletal anchors and/or traditional braces, I’ve been able to treat some severe dental and skeletal malformations that previously would have only been corrected through surgery.

I’m also excited about increasing the quality and frequency of our patient communications. By adopting secure virtual consultations, allowing patients to upload videos, chat, view educational videos via screen sharing, and so forth, we are able to better connect with each patient.

Professional Affiliations and Continuing Education

Since finishing my orthodontic residency in 1991, I have constantly sought out opportunities to further expand my knowledge and skills. Ongoing research leads to new methodologies, materials, and technological innovations; I like to research the latest treatment protocols and emerging trends to see if they are good fits for my patients. We maintain what works well and adopt measures that increase reliability, comfort, and efficiency, while decreasing inconvenience.

By participating in various continuing education (CE) forums, I have the benefit of learning from other’s successes and failures before deciding what to implement into my practice and patient care.

I complete many hours of study through the Greater Cincinnati Dental Consortium, in addition to speaking at their gatherings. I also complete CE through the Cincinnati Dental Society, am a member of several online study clubs, and am published in Orthodontic Perspectives.

Additionally, I am a member of the:

  • American Association of Orthodontists
  • World Federation of Orthodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • Ohio Dental Association
  • Cincinnati Dental Association
  • Omicron Kappa Upsilon (National Dental Honor Society)

Outside the Office

I grew up in Cincinnati and have lived in White Oak for the past 30 years. My beautiful and talented wife, Susan, has worked behind the scenes and most recently front-and-center as the Murdock Orthodontics Treatment Coordinator for 28 years.

Susan and I have four adult children, two sons and two daughters, and we’ve been blessed with four grandchildren. Bella, our dog who will be 15 this year, rounds out the family. Every Sunday, our children – and their friends, roommates, and significant others – gather at the Murdock household for family dinner and game night!

Susan and I love to see our local musician friends play live on weekends; in my younger days I used to play in a band. We’re also avid travelers, especially as beaches and SCUBA opportunities are hard to come by in Kentucky, and plan to make more of this a priority in the future. Time outdoors at our farm near Lake Cumberland is also enjoyed: fishing, hunting, boating, riding quads, and hiking are the main adventures there.

By the way, I have a fairly extensive collection of guitar and autographed musical memorabilia. On occasion I’ll sit in on vocal or guitars with a local artist for a song or two, too!