Meet the Team

Our team members are friends in and outside the office and truly enjoy working together. They are a fun-loving group who challenge each other to be their best each and every day!


Business Manager/Treatment Coordinator

If you are a New Patient in our office, I will be there to help you navigate through this new adventure in your life. I have some clinic experience, but I have primarily been part of the administrative team since 1993. As the Treatment Coordinator, I will be with you when you meet with Dr. Murdock for the first time. My role is to communicate Dr. Murdock’s recommendations for orthodontic treatment, discuss fees, and help you understand your insurance benefit. As the Business Manager, I work behind the scenes at Murdock Orthodontics in human resources, accounts payable, and general practice management.

I also have the unique role of being Dr. Murdock’s wife. I have been privileged to know that my husband is not only an exceptional orthodontist, but also a man of integrity with a great love for his profession, his patients, and his orthodontic team. It has been rewarding to be part of such an incredible team of individuals who don’t just create beautiful smiles, but who are dedicated to changing people’s lives!

I have many interests outside of the office. Most importantly, I love spending time and having fun with my family & friends! I also enjoy traveling with my husband and exploring new destinations. One of the things I do outside of the office is facilitate a program in the jail system for inmates. Operation: Freedom is a four-day cognitive behavior therapy program where the inmates learn tools to help them stay out of jail and live the life they only dreamed possible! I am proud of the work I do in the community and how I contribute to the Murdock Orthodontic team!


Financial Coordinator & Certified Orthodontic Assistant

I have been with Murdock Orthodontics since 2006 and work with patients and families on everything related to finances. I also monitor the schedule and help out in the clinic when needed. We have an amazing team here, and everyone makes the days fun and enjoyable. I love seeing the beautiful smiles of our patients and working with so many wonderful, unique people!

Outside the office, I spend most of my time with my husband and our three wonderful children.